Questionnaire design

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GFB have an excellent track record in translating behavioural competency frameworks into measurable units using rigorous questionnaire design. To do this our consultant psychologist will:

  • Work collaboratively with you in the developing a bespoke questionnaire
  • Ensure agreement on all the objectives in advance
  • Create a first draft questionnaire , on which your team will then provide feedback
  • Collate feedback specifically on the following dimensions
    • Number of questions (expected to be approximately 40 questions for which the completion time will be about 20mins)
    • Style and language used
    • Appropriateness
  • Create a second version of the questionnaire and finalise the design
  • Ensure the feedback report provided meets Bentley’s requirements to drive the organisation forward.


GFB’s expertise in questionnaire design includes the assurance of face validity (your language, your values), content validity (ensuring the questionnaire is an accurate indicator of Bentley’s competency requirements) and reliability (ensuring the questionnaire maintains its accuracy under a variety of circumstances and over time). Getfeedback will work to ensure that the questionnaire is ‘right first time’.

Once the questionnaire has been designed we will then upload the 360 feedback survey to our secure assessment platform.