Off the shelf 360 degree feedback

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GFB offers a range of 360 degree feedback surveys. They have all been designed based on our strong and reliable competency framework. The surveys consist of behavioural statements that are easy to understand and rate. The feedback recipient and their nominees rate each statement using a five point rating scale. There are also two verbatim questions, the responses to which really add value to the feedback process. Each survey has been designed with a different job level or industry in mind.


The surveys have been developed using the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competence Framework as their basis. This framework has been extensively validated across a wide range of industries and job levels and has been found to differentiate between high performers and average performers. That is, individuals who demonstrate strengths in the behaviours within the framework, outperform those who are using the behaviours at a lower level. for more information on the Schroder Framework click here.