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Maybe you already have a 360 feedback survey that you run internally, or perhaps you have just designed and implemented a new competency framework for your organisation. In either situation it’s essential that you, the organisation and the individuals taking part get the most out of any 360 feedback process.

There’s no denying that a bespoke survey is likely to reap the greatest benefits. A survey that uses your language and is precisely aligned to your goals is going to yield the most valuable information for your employees to work with and take action on. Creating a survey that has the look and feel that your employees connect with can help to create buy-in as well as reinforce the company’s value for its people.

There are  three key elements required for creating an effective 360 tool; A robust competency framework, a set of clear and insightful questions and simple and efficient survey sytem. Getfeedback are happy to provide all 3 or just the elements you require.

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If you’d like us to web-enable an existing survey we offer a validation service through which one of experienced consultants will validate your framework or existing survey - that is check that it is really measuring what you want and need it to. We have extensive experience, gathered over many years, of designing and validating competency frameworks. This is a really important step. Employees taking part in the survey need to be able to precisely identify what they need to be doing to improve their performance so that it has a direct impact on the organisations performance.

"We switched to using GFB for 360 as having worked with them previously I already had high trust in the service they can provide in terms of the robustness and reliability of the technology, quality of the product, the fact that they’re constantly developing and improving it, and the responsiveness of the service. I know if I have a question or a problem I'll get a quick answer and a 'can do' approach."

"The system is intuitive to use and the pricing structure allows me to include a Lift-branded 360 service without it costing an arm and a leg - like Getfeedback says, you only pay for what you use."

Katrina Wray
Lift Consultancy

If you would like us to design a survey one of our consultants will work with you to write behavioural statements that are clear, precise and important for your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your project.