GFB's 360 Degree Feedback Referral Scheme

Take part in the GFB 360 Referral Scheme!

We’ve noticed that quite a few of you are telling your friends and colleagues about our 360 feedback tool and we wanted to say thank you!
We have set up a scheme by which existing GFB clients (or other referrers) are rewarded each time they refer new business to us.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every contact who sends a referral our way who is interested in talking about our 360 degree feedback tool will receive 1 free 360.
  2. If that referral then signs up as a new account and spends over £1000 with us, as an extra thanks the referrer can choose from either:
    1. 3 free 360s
    2. £100 of vouchers for either Amazon or Ticketmaster.

You choose!

When they have spent over £1000 with us the new client will also receive £100 off their next invoice.

How to get involved

To take part in this scheme all you need to do is keep telling your friends and contacts about us and ask them to say you referred them to us when making contact or (with their permission of course) pass on the details of them to your account manager and they’ll give them a call.

A few simple rules

  • All we ask is that you make sure the individual you refer to us is really interested in hearing from us as we don’t want to waste their time. When they contact us they must say you referred them when they first call/email.
  • This referral scheme is open for new referrals from January 2014 and will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • In the case of two people referring the same contact the individual who made the referral first will receive the reward.
  • Only new clients and contacts can be referred through this scheme.

Please feel free to share our contact details 01491 845536 - if you have any questions please speak to any member of the Getfeedback team.