Technology - fast, secure and fit for purpose

Ah yes - we are glad you arrived here. You'll be pleased to know we provide on-line technology to some of the world's most security conscious organisations.

GFB was founded on its technology platform we like to take these things seriously. Our reputation for creating one of the most secure, intuitive, high performance assessment and testing platforms to support your strategy - is something we are royally proud of.

Modules include:

  • Online 360 feedback
  • Employee feedback surveying
  • Online psychometric testing
  • Multi-lingual surveys available in over 25 languages
  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Career development portals
  • Learning management


Link all the modules together for an end to end talent management system. Or start with a couple and build up. Oh, you decide!

Exactly how secure is it ?

As you'd expect we've had to run more penetration tests than we can care to remember. Our clients have spent countless weeks with their ethical hacking teams to try to break into our systems. We aim for payment card industry (PCI) compliance as an absolute minimum.

Read how we helped leading IT security company Integralis eliminate their ongoing obstacles to success.

Exactly how fast is it ?

The last time we stressed tested our system it could handle well over 250 concurrent survey submissions per second - which is pretty fast! In real terms we've regularly supported a global 360 degree feedback programme for over 2000 managers in 4 just weeks. If you are interested in Global Reach then please read how we enabled a precision measurement strategy in Bayer Diagnostics' for their 7000 employees in more than 25 countries and over 15 languages.

If you want more detailed technical information about our systems then contact us and we'll happily talk all day about such things.